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The Demon Hybrid

                                                                Chapter 8
(Hunter's pov)
I carried her to the river with her arms and legs around me, I can feel her bare legs and it amaze me with its softness and smoothness. We got to the water I made it warm by just dipping my foot in it, I wouldn't like her to feel cold
          "Warm" she said as I dipped her into the water
          "did it for you love" love that sound cute, imagine a king being cute
She stepped down and stared at me and I got lost, that dark brown eyes is the prettiest thing to gaze upon
            "You are beautiful" I said breathlessly for just with a gaze she always knock the breath out of me "and am saying this not as your lover or mate but as a man that is not blind" I said truthfully and she giggled
    "When you normally wore sunglass was I pretty" she asked with the cutest smile
and I just nodded cause I couldn't find my voice
            I kissed her, I planned on just a little kiss but got carried away I started kissing her furiously and she returned it with equal force we were both lost till she hissed out of pain
             "The water is too hot" she said
              "am sorry I lost control" I lost control of my power and the water got too hot and, what am even hard down there, thank goodness for the water so she can't see it
               "don't worry about Mr johnson down there" she said with a wink, how naughty, I gave her a sheepish smile when I notice she got me
               "So tell me things about you, Mister hybrid" she said as she swim around.
               "Well" I swim closer to her "am 18 by looks but am about a 700 years or so, I lost count and I slept for 500 years cause I couldn't find you, I planned to have the slumber with my bestfriend Jacob but fortunately for him he found his mate" I said "What of you?" I asked cause its only fair if she share too
                "Am 17 will be 18 in 3 months, was born on April 17th, the only child of my parents, you already know my best friends, I hate vegatables, my best food is fries with egg," she said
                  "Well as you know after  I was born, I was most feared, I threatened the balance of the world, I was an abomination to them,  so many tried to kill me but failed cause the pack my father formed with mom and some loyal wolves and vampire that want peace and nothing to do with the war, they were strong, so they always protect me" I felt sad remembering it "They protected me as long as they could until the force that united was too much almost all wolves and vampire with witches wanted me dead. It was the first thing they agreed on, it even made them stop the war a bit, some wanted to have me so that I could be their winning card but as soon as my father rejects the offer they will also join others to kill me" I felt her caress my cheek and I lean to it, she could feel my sadness
                  "So that night I was just 12 years old, have not gotten my powers, they attacked in larger numbers, when my father noticed we couldn't win, he urged my mom to run away with me, she carried me and ran, even with her vampspeed we didn't go far when she fell and screamed in agony. I didn't understand the scream then, it was later that I realized that when your mate dies you feel such pain" I can never forget that night.
                    "You can stop if you want" she said with pity in her face
                    "Don't worry am fine" so I continued "as she fell I tried carrying her but am weak" I regret being weak "I sensed the enemy approaching, before I could react we were surrounded, my mother was too weak to put up a fight and I sense she just lost the will to live 'be strong, live and may your fathers strength fly to you' that was her last words before they killed her" I said, I did't even know I was crying until she wiped the tears
                     "I felt so much anger, so much hatred, then I saw a black shadow head towards me and entered me, that was when I lost all reasoning and killed them all, they were more than hundred" I remembered the shadow that went inside me, I can still feel it inside
                     "So after that I ran inside the woods, always covering my tracks, the supernatural went back to war and I was forgotten, so I lived my life in the woods." I laughed as I recalled when I first met jacob lost a rogue "I saw Jacob in the forest, he was afriad his parents have been killed cause of the war, so we started staying together and became bestfried many others joined us, vampires, wolves,witches and some humans that were able to escape their captors" Sweet memories
                    "Jacob suggested we become a pack and sujected I become the Alpha and he called the pack Hunters pack" I scoffed as I remembered that I may have been the Alpha but jacob is the leader I was just the muscle, he was wiser than many teenagers
                    "What a wierd park" Isabelle said smiling, yea she's right on that
                    "So we formed the pack, and I found a place in the woods and we started building our homes" I looked around and thought how this place was once a forest. Nothing is impossible, just work hard and everything will be possible. "I was away to the human realm, I escorted some of the humans, that wanted to go back and start live over again. When I got back, the pack was a mess, jacob said that blood moon pack came, and tried to bully them cause they thought we are not an official pack, so they fought back and unfortunately killed the Alpha's son." she gasped as she heard this, she knew no Alpha will take that lightly
               "What did you guys do" she asked
               "I did the best thing, we held the official ceremony, and they were all initiated by drink my blood and with that they have sown alliance to me" I saw the frightful look on her face when I said they drank my blood. It was funny "actually not my blood, but a fountain that have my blood, thats why even when I was gone they were able to accept new people, cause all they have to do is drink the water" she visibly relaxed
                "After the ceremony, we decided to go see bloodmoon Alpha in the morning. When we got to their territory, I took only Jacob since I meant to have peace and not war, there was already enough war. But they took us prisoners, I pleaded to see the Alpha, but we were kept in prison for two days" I sighed
                "Why didn't you fight" She asked bewildered
                 "Like I said I wanted peace, so after 2 days, they took us to the Alpha, and he demanded Jacobs head, I refused but Jacob said he is willing to, that he regret killing the boy and I should not stop him."
                "Thats so brave of him" she admired Jacobs courage
                 "Yea but everything turned sideways when Jacob asked him if he will leave the pack alone after they kill him, the Alpha said yes but he was thinking something else, I was able to read his thought and discovered he have already sent his troops to my pack"  Alphas then were really ruthless
 "So I killed the Alpha instantly, killed the soldiers before they could react, I explain to Jacob, so we started fighting the pack,  wasn't afraid for my pack cause I know the ceremony have made them the strongest pack in the supernatural, so to end the fight quicker I roared" she laughed as I said this I bet she just rememered what my roar can do and she is sure right
                "They went back to their human form and was scared, they don't stand a chance against my might, so jacob asked them to run to other packs and tell them the king of supernatural is here" I laughed at how Jacob knows when to sieze a moment
                "I hope your pack was alright when you got back?"she asked with much care. Without even knowing it she is exhibit the character of a Luna, a Queen
                 "They were fine, so like that Jacob suggest we try and stop the war, so we worked towards it I called a meeting with the leaders, they came probably because they were afraid,  its funny, a teenager in control. So after the meeting I discovered they have even forgotten why there were at war so I made each other release their prisoners and relinquish the lands they forcefully took from each other and they accepted"
                  "You really did good" she said with an adorable smile, and gave me a warm hug "but  how did you close the portal" she asked
                   "Well, I stopped vampires from forcefully feeding from humans, but some still secretly go to the human world and fist on them, so I annouced that every human that wants to go back should go and ones that want to stay should stay, after that I sealed the portal" I sign damn I just narrated my life story.
                      I looked around, its already evening and I know she must be hungry "Lets go back inside and fix something to eat, after that I will take you home" she got sad when I said she is going home, call me a psycho am glad she is sad "come on" I carried her bridal style inside and fixed dinner after that she decided I use my speed back to her house and only stop a mile a way so we can walk as normal couple
                     "So how old where you before you went to hypersleep" she asked as we walked towards her home
                     "Well as you can see, am 18" I answered though I knew what she was asking
                      "I mean technically" she said with an eye roll, everything she does is cute
                       "I was 218, I think, like I said I don't keep count, the only reason I know am 18, its cause I know we stop aging at 18" we are already at her doorsteps, how time easily fly pass
                       We were both reluctant to let go off eachother, I lean and kissed her I stopped cause I sensed her mother and I wouldn't like her to see it yet so I let her go, I walked half way turned and winked her before she entered inside. She have no idea what I plan tonight, I may be known as the noble king but I still have my naughty side.


Sunday, 21 January 2018

Sad but True

1. Realize this:
No matter what you say and how you say it, SOME people will never get it.
That's not your fault!
*Sad, But True!*

2. No matter how pure your motives are, SOMEBODY will still accuse you of ill intentions.
Stay pure anyway.
*Sad, But True!*

3. No matter how humble you are, somebody will still consider you proud. Stay humble, anyway.
*Sad, But True!*

4. No matter how generous you are, somebody will still call you "selfish". Remain generous, anyway.
*Sad, But True!*

5. Sometimes some of your greatest pains will come from those you gave the most pleasure.
*Sad, But True!*

6. Some of your greatest disappointments will come from those you gave your best appointments or commitments.
*Sad, But True!*

7. Sometimes some of the worst things you'd hear about yourself may come from those you speak the best of.
*Sad, But True!*

8. Not everyone in your ship is paddling in the direction of your dreamed destination.
Discernment is key.
*Sad, But True!*

9. Loving people sometimes means feeling used by them.
*Sad, But True!*

10. Sometimes, doing the right thing ends up making you look like a fool.
*Sad, But True!*

11. Tough as it seems, any evil done against you can become a seed for your promotion... It depends on your response.
*Sad, But True!*

12. I would rather appear foolish now and see the wisdom of the Almighty God unfold, than appear wise now and turn out a fool later.
*Sad, But True!*

13. Promotion doesn't come by fighting for your rights but by being faithful in doing what is right.
*Sad, But True!*

14. Those who will enjoy true promotion by the Almighty must be willing to forgive freely, forgive quickly and forgive wholly.
*Sad, But True!*

15. Those who will relish true promotion must be willing to serve many for free and selflessly.
*Sad, But True!*

16. Read with caution: Sometimes, to see the positive things Almighty God can do for you, then you have to be willing to stop what you can do in offending Him.
*Sad, But True!*

17. Without God's sign off, your biggest step can turn out to be your biggest mistake.
*Sad, But True!*

18. Pain has a higher potential to toughen you up than pleasure does.
*Sad, But True!*

19. Problems are easier to solve than people.
*Sad, But True!*

20. Many people will celebrate you only as long as your advancement doesn't exceed their expectations of you.
*Sad, But True!*

21. Some people get close enough to you just to find something bad about you to broadcast to the world.
*Sad, But True!*

22. Some people are quiet when you're succeeding but quick to point out your failures.
*Sad, But True!*

23. Hating those who hate you makes them your leaders, since you're following their footsteps.
*Sad, But True!*

24. Rather than react to a negative situation. Respond to your revelation.
*Sad, But True!*

25. Believe the best even when you're going through the worst.
*Sad, But True!*

26. They hurt you? Don't hold it against them. Hold them up in prayer.
*Sad, But True!*

27. Forgiving people is not just a good idea. It's a GOD's idea. Actually, more than an idea. It's an instruction.
*Sad, But True!*

28. How you respond to a situation can be more important than the situation.
*Sad, But True!*

29. Your ability to overlook an offence determines the degree of dominion you'd exercise over many other things.
*Sad, But True!*

30. Wisdom will help you solve problems. A large heart will help you accommodate people. You need both.
*Sad, But True!*

31. When all is said and done, let the fear and the love of the Almighty GOD in your heart pour through your daily walk!
*Sad, But True!*

32. The wise is he who takes lessons from the above, and with them benefit others!
*Sad, But True!*

33. Some people may think this piece is targeted at them. No. Everyone alive will need one of the points at some point or the other.
*Sad, But True!*

*Just be Happy!*
*Sad, But True!*


Sunday, 14 January 2018


Dear Diary 4
4th update
       Am done with my exams and luckily, I no longer touch myself, I was able to stop cause I made novel my new company, though this time I stayed clear form romance novel and focused on thriller, crime and action.
      And I have absolutely stayed clear from girls and no longer daydream about every pretty girl and for that am proud of myself, I am as proud as the day I helped Miracle found her lost pen, she kept crying that her mom will beat her if she return home again without pen, we just started our primary 3  then and we now use pen, but she always misplace her pen, after that day she got wise by always giving me her pen to keep and I told her to also write her name on a piece of paper and put it inside the pen so whenever its lost, whoever find it will know who it belong to. Happy times
      My cousin kept disturbing and I have finally agreed to visit him in lagos, his family are fond of me, he is already saying things we will do together and now am eager to go. Am leaving next week, am leaving you here, cause he is a curious person and I won't like him reading you, so I will fill you in on what happen when I get back, don't miss me much....

Friday, 12 January 2018


Chapter 7
(Hunters pov)
       I still can't sleep, am too aware of Isabelle in my room to sleep, her lime scents fills my whole nostril I can't concentrate on anything I have stand in front of the door many things trying to enter her room and ravish her but always able to stop myself, though I don't know how long I can keep calm.
Good I just picked up Jacob scent "Come to my house" I mind linked him atleast he will be able to keep me occupied
"Am here" he let himself in and it didn't take him 3 seconds to get here, he used the wolf speed
"something happened" I said as I gulped down the remaining whiskey, I have been drinking to get my mind of her but its not working
"let me guess" he sniffes "she is here, and she already knows" he said with a sly smile
yea he can easily find out but thats not the main discussion "she was attacked" I said and the smile faded from his face
"hope she is fine" he asked and I nod
"I couldn't smell her attackers or hear their thought" I said and still wondering why
he also looked a bit shock ""I think its the new spray use to cover up their smell" he said with a shrug
"something like that now exist" I asked surprisingly
"yes, and its a secret only the Royals, the alphas and leaders knows about it" he said
"why am I not aware" am angry for not knowing, seriously nobody thought it wise to tell me?
"you still got back and if you did read the minds of the Alphas you would've known"
"thats true, but still won't read peoples mind, let me just allow myself to discover things my way" beside I don't like prying into peoples secret
"and why can't I hear their thought" this is the one that bothers me
"I have no idea" he said and also went into deep thought, I guess he is thinking how it's possible cause am powerful to read everybodies mind even a royal, though royals are really difficult, I have only done it once
"you can go and sleep tomorrow is school" I can sense he is tired and need the sleep, he just nodded and left, for a second I thought he will want to hear how I told Isabelle, but he didn't which am glad for now
 "you will still fill me in on her reaction the moment she found out" Jacob mind linked me, I chuckled and decided to rest a bit its almost dawn

(Isabelle pov)

         I woke up and nothing seem familiar, on a bigger bed with white sheet and bigger room with white colour, my room is purple with normal bed. Where am I? I asked as everything rushed back to me. AM HUNTERS MATE. Now am in a state of euphoria, am in Hunter room. I sniffed to know if I could smell him, but sadly can't am a human, but still smelled his scent on the bed, I stood up went to the door and that instant it opened to reveal a shirtless Adonis, am such a horny teenager
         "How was your night" he said with his deep morning voice, chocolate,
          "Lovely" the bessssssssst "and yours" I said trying to keep my eyes on his face and not his abs
           "same, here" he passed me a cup of coffee and I took, I think its the best coffee I have ever tasted or just happy its Hunter that made it
           "Soooo, when are we going to school?" I asked though I really don't want to
            "No school today miss, you are staying here" I try to oppose thinking of my parents "don't worry about your parents and your friends they have all been taken care off" he said like he read my mind
            "What did you tell my parents?" am curious to know
             "I went to your house, told them you are with me and you are my mate" he said with much authority "your mom was so happy, I could sense her happiness, your dad was a bit shock but still told me to take care of you" he said, I know if he really said it to them, they won't oppose cause most mate will start living together espcially alphas and royals
             "What of my friends," I asked I don't really care about it I just want to keep him talking now we are now in the living room and both sitting accross eachother
             "Just told them you are with me, before I could even say the word mate, Amy said it and said she have been suspecting but Damian was surprise, so all in all they agreed to let us have today to ourselves" he finished with a smile, am surprised that Amy suspected but still relieved to spend the day with my mate

              "So first I will go take a shower and come back with tons of questions" I said, he nodded and escorted me to the room, it have a bathroom, wow
              "Everything you need is in there, so do come down after bathing" he said as he left me. Am still in euphoria, cause I can't believe he is my mate. I went inside to bath, I found the toothbrush, I literally brushed like never before cause am really want to kiss him and I wont want him to smell anything, so after that I took my bath. I only have one underwear, the one I have been wearing, I don't wear undies twice, what am I going to do, am already panicking when I heard a knock
            "Its me, am with a new pair of undies, cause I know you wouldn't want to wear your own again" Hunter said. How embarrassing "I will leave it here on the bed" he said as I heard his footsteps fade
              Way to go Isabelle, I came out wrapped with towel and saw the undies on the bed, white pant and bra, I think he likes white, I put it on and it suits perfectly so I went to his drawer and brought out a white shirt, I chose the white shirt cause I have come to the conclusion that he love white, I hope am right
             Fried egg filled my nose as I came out to see he already passed our breakfast, which is fried egg and bread with milk, nice how cute he made me breakfast. I walked down he was standing beside the dinning then I blink and he is infront of me, I gasped and he kissed me, deep kiss full of emotions it didnt last long, how disappointing
            "I couldn't control myself anymore" He said, spending few moment with Hunter made me realise he like having control over himself and its difficult for him to let loose, thats a different definition we have before, we all thought he will be on the loose side
            "You don't have to control yourself with me" I assured him cause I really want him to loose control, he just nod and took me to the dinning table
            "Hope its delicious" he asked, I nodded cause I have my mouth full and its so delicious I forgot to complement him, he just chuckled
           "How did you know am in danger the second time" I asked, I intend to ask a lot today
           "Though, I can't read your mind, but I feel your presence the most, so I felt you when you were coming and I felt your fears too so I rushed to your rescue" he said like its nothing
            "If its not for the mate bond would I still be crazy over you" I asked cause it would be agonizing if its so
       He smiled "actually yes, cause many girls are crazy about me" he said with a smug "but if you are not my mate, I will still wish you were, cause I have not seen any girl as beautiful as you" he said and it really made me smile
                "Won't people be disappointed to hear that their queen is a weak human" I said sadly
         He held my hands, though we are done eating but still in the dinning "They wont mind and beside, you still get strong, stronger than a royal" he said nonchallantly
              "What did you just said" I asked cause I dont see myself being strong
              "Naturally, you are my mate that means my strength will gradually transfer to you, then after mating and marking you, you will be in your full strength, more than the royals" he said
               "So I will be that strong" I said above a whisper, and he nodded, thats really awesome but I still can't see myself being strong
                "How powerful are you, really" I asked, I have heard many people assumption, but I want to hear from him
             He scoff "As you know, I have all the gene in me, and its not just ordinary gene, my father, is a royal wolf that was disown for mating a vampire princess, cause they were enemies then, even my mom was disowned too" he said
              "Then how did you get the witch gene?" I asked
               "Oh, then witches that sided with vampires sealed their bond with marriage so the Vampire king married the leader of the witch,they gave birth to my mom, so I got the witch gene from her. So with me having all the powerful gene together, all enhancing eachother hence making me a very powerful being" he said it proudly
                "The most powerful" I said and really happy he is mine, I want to know more of him
             "Lets go to the river" he said, I am wearing his shirt and my legs are exposed "dont worry nobody will see you and I will make the water warm" he said and smiled. I stood up on my feet, he towered over me and I thought how to kiss him, but he beat me to it as he bend down and kissed me, more furious than the morning, I grabbed his neck and wrapped my legs around him, I swear he is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted and I will always want more. He stopped and I rested my head on his shoulder, sensing am not planning on coming down he carried me like that to the river........

Friday, 5 January 2018


                                                     Chapter 6
(Hunter's pov)
                 Am currently in a ball party hosted for me by the vampires, and am so miserable am trying so hard to keep up a smiling face and engage in conversations, but truthfully all my mind is with Isabelle, her lime smell, her well curved body, I have always imagined what my mate would be like, I never imagined her to be this beautiful and innocent, her beautiful brown almost black eyes.
               "Hunter" Jacob calls as he approached me "thats really bad" he said, about the dark clouds I made when Silas pecked Isabelle
                "Yes I know" I sighed "but I lost control, he was all over her and that really angered me, he's really lucky I didn't rip his heart out" I growled, so low only jacob heard
                 "You can't continue this, you need to tell her, and I can tell she is really feeling you but can't explain the feeling" Jacob said. He is right I can sense her feelings, though I cant read her mind but I can still smell her hormones, and its always on high alert whenever I come closer, though other girls hormones spike up as I get closer to them but I find it disgusting, unlike my mates own her own is intoxicating, its like my very own brand of drug
                   "Next time I see her I will show her" I said making up my mind, and he nodded as we drink in silent. Lime, I caught the smell, its my mate, though shes still a bit far but she is heading here, and I can't smell any other person with her. What is she doing alone by this time and the road to here is not exactly pleasant. I kept fidgeting I want to go but I can't just leave and beside she's is coming here, faster than normal, too slow for a car but too fast for a normal human walk, that means she is running. I closed my eyes tried to sense if anything was after her but I sense nothing, thats a good thing. I tried to calm down but I sensed her fear, perhaps she is afraid of the forest, I thought so, but she is getting more afraid, thats when I lost all reason and ran towards her with hope to get rid of whatever is making her afraid
                   As I reached I saw 5 vampires trying to kill her and her eyes is already closed, showing she have accepted her fate with no second thought I reaped their heads off, I wonder why I couldn't smell them. Her eyes is closed, so I took the time to stare at her but the pleasure was short lived as she opened her eyes and I closed mine. Whats wrong with me I thought I have made up my mind to show her, king of supernatural is such a kid.
                 "Are you alright" I asked though I can't smell any blood from her but I need to be sure, she answered positive and hugged me, her scent filled my nose and I had to squeeze tighter but easy not to break her.
                 I broke the hug asked her why she is here, she said cause of me, and it made me glad, I was surprised when she asked if I have used magic on her cause of the feelings she is having for me. Am so happy hearing it though I knew but hearing it from her made it sweeter.
                 She also surprised me when she broke up with Silas, to show me there is no more obstacle, not that he was even an obstacle, and urged me to read her thought
                 "I can't" I said barely above a whisper
                  "sure you can, you're the king of supernatural the most powerful" she said as she came closer, and I can feel her desperation she is holding on the last thread
                   "I can't I can read everybodies mine except yours" I said, I know she will be confused by that
                   "how is that possible" she asked with a bit o confusion laced in her voice
                   "because" I said and decided to show her why so, I opened my eyes and looked at her face before looking into her eyes as my eye zinged
                   "AM. YOUR. MATE" she said, as she passed out, but before she could hit the ground I caught her. I guess thats too big for her to process.
                  I carried her and laid her beside a tree and came back and incinerated the vampires, I don't want people knowing, later I will ask Jacob why I couldn't smell them. I remembered that people will be worried cause I was too fast for them to see when I ran away, to them its like disappearing, am really glad am powerful. I decided to pass a message to Jacob telling him am alright, that he should cover for me, and he agreed
            So its now time to carry my mate to a suitable place, so I carried her and ran to my favourite place, the lake behind my house, its night with the moon shining it made it beautiful, I laid her in a comfortable place waiting for her to wake up as I looked at her, she is beautiful, I ran my hands through her body and marvelled at the smoothness and softness, she is really beautiful, thank the moon goddess for giving her to me
           Few minutes passed and am still staring at her sleep, she twitchs her nose once in a while and its by far the cutest thing I have seen. She stirs and opened her eyes and I was looking at her too we stayed still and enjoyed the moment till she spoke
            "Why?" she asked
             "When I woke up from my slumber it was because you were in danger, so I had to come to your rescue, but as I was reading people's mind I read Silas and it was pretty convincing that you guys love eachother, so I decided not to show you yet"
               "Why did the match maker choose me as your mate, am a weak human, and I can only make you weak" she said and I could sense her sadness, and I never want her sad
                "No man is invincible, we all have our weaknesses and am glad you are mine, and you're not just my weakness, you are my strength" ofcourse she is
                  She raised her hands and touched my cheeks, it gave me goosebumps and I lean to her touch
               "My ADONIS" she said, her voice is so gentle before I could open my eyes and reply she leaned forward and gave me and earth shattering kiss.
                I gasped and she used the opportunity to deepen the kiss, I also returned the kiss as we both kissed with much hunger like our lives depends on it, I carried her up with our lips still locked and she rapped her legs around me and I walked to the lake and we both drenched and she stiffened
               "What" I asked as I broke the kiss
                "Cold, the lake is cold"  she said as she let a little shiver. I didn't notice since am a supernatural, I have a high resistance to cold
                 "Do you want to see a trick" I said and she nodded as I placed my hands on the water and made it warm, from the look in her eyes I know she is impressed
                 "For the second time, you impressed me....mate" she said with the word mate sounding so much better in her month "the first is when you open the door with your mind and then this".
Now all I want to do is impress her, "whats your favourite colour?" I asked
 "Pink" she answered, so girly I chuckled, then raised my hands, and looked at the sky so did she as I made pink stars fall and that left her mesmerized. I learnt ages ago that I can make people see my imagination, though the stars are not real its my imagination but am letting her see it.
               She move closer to me and wrapped her arms around me "If this is your way of wooing me, consider me wooed" she said as she deepened the kiss. I found my hands moved to her breast as I cupped it and she moaned thats a melody to my ear, I moved to her neck , nibbled and sucked it. I was overwhelmed with the urge to mark her and mate her I don't know which feeling was greater, so I used all my might to push back
              "Whats wrong" she asked as she came closer and I moved back
              "I might loss control and thats going to be bad" I stated the fact, and felt ashamed as I couldnt control myself
               "Am yours, down to my last dna am all yours, so do with me as you please" she assured me. I know I will still mark her and mate her but not now so I carried her inside to change our cloth and plan how to tell people. I can't imagine the look on Amys face
                We are now inside and shes wearing my shirt which just made her sexier and me more horny, what a sweet torture
                "So how should we tell people" she asked as she sip d juice I gave her and sat on the table right accross me, she going to kill me
      "erm" I cough as I felt my throat dried "whatever you decide" people's opinion never mattered to me
     She looked away deep in thought, then stood up and went and got the sunglass she gave me and chuckled
     "I prefer it stay hidden for now, cause I don't want to be the center of attention just yet" she said
           I understands her, cause once people finds out she is mine, the reporters won't let her rest. She yawned, a sign she is tired "lets go to bed" i said as I stood up
   "Carry me" she said and stretched out her arm, she looked so cute and innocent, so I carried her bridal style to my room. Our first night together, awesome. Though I plan to leave the room as she sleep cause I might lose control
          "Hunter, you are my ADONIS" she said as I felt her sleep off, I laid her in bed covered her, stared at her a little longer, God why can't I stop this dirty though, with that  I left the room happy that she is finally mine.


3rd entry
Dear diary
    Its been long I wrote last, did you miss me. What a funny question to ask a diary. The last time I updated, I said I would stay clear from girls, I did quite alright but its been didfficult.
   Though I have never had any luck with girls in the past, but atleast I always have hope when am trying to win a girl, even when I don't win her in the end, but still the hope I had gave joy, "for they say even unreturned love have its rainbow". But now I have personally killed that hope, for when I see a girl no matter how pretty she is and how inviting I always remember the decision I made, so I always hold back.
As for chidimma, she called me last week to apologize giving all sort of excuse, that she have an abusive boyfriend and she was scared thats why she played along, for a moment she got me and I felt pity till she now said she is in trouble, that she is owing her friend 20k and have no one else to run to, with that I dropped the call and never picked her call again. I even ignored her when she tried to block me at school, I just can't imagine what she took me for, her mugu?.
I have been touching myself lately, more than usual, whenever I come accross a pretty girl, I come home and touch myself with the pretty girl in my mind. To some extent I think am mad or just becoming me an addict to it, which is very bad cause I wouldnt want to render myself impotent, (lolx)
I received a call from my cousin brother, he is in lagos and a year older than me, he is my role model, he is everything I wish I was, have lots of girls at his beck and call. He is inviting me to lagos after my semester, am not yet sure if am going, cause I cant stand his insults of me being such a disgrace. He often say "take away my blood from your body, for you are not worthy to have the same dna with me". Funny everything he says is always cool.
Nonetheless, I plan to have fun during the holiday and I plan to change and make girls realize what they have been missing, and I again am stopping this addiction before it gets out of hand.
Diary, you really serving as my friends, you are my second miracle, thanks anyway, and if their is a world of diary, and you are a boy, try be a playboy, learn from my mistake and be a badass(lolx). Thanks mate

Saturday, 30 December 2017


Dear  diary
         I write with tears in my eyes, with much hurt in my heart, for I have been humilated for loving, disgraced for being geniune, mockery of the highest order
         Remember  the pretty girl I told you about, it turns shes a devil. Her name is Chidimma, like I said I truly stepped up my game, or so I though. I took her to couple of places , shopping plaza, eatary, even swims. To me they were all dates. I will call her and we will have long discussions, never boring though, she told me some of her money issues and I will help her out.
         I was so sure everything was falling in place, and with the countless discussion I had with her I noticed shes a romantic kind of girl. So I decided to confess my feelings in the most romantic way, I decided to write a love not. Here is the scratch I can remember
                                   Roses are red
                                   Violets are blue
                                    sugar is sweet
                                    spices are good
                                    so are you
                                    Among the stars you shine the brightest
                                    you're my vision of ecstasy
                                    you pull the string of my heart
                                    I have not felt like this for anyone
                                    can you do me the honour of being my girl
           It was something like that, I cant remember it all, but I slipped it in her bag last night and all night long I was waiting for day break like my life depended on it
           So this morning, by 11 am I went to her hostel, to get the answer I was 70% sure is going to be positive. I came in only to see a hulk of a guy and his friends holding the very note in his hand. Then Chidimma came out and told him am the that wrote it and she have nothing to do with me, that am just one of the guys that won't stop disturbing her.
         I felt my heart ripped by her words and then she killed me by the cold look she is giving me. The hulk guy and his friends humilated me, made me walk home with only my boxers and singlet. Luckily I waited by the bush till night before walking home to avoid further embarrassment.
           They made jest of me, called me, romantic swine, secondary school disease and all the while she was watching and smiling, its a real cinema for her, she really killed me.
            Is this the reward of being nice or am I just unlucky, either way  am not giving my heart away, am avoiding girls till futher notice.
             This is an embarrassing moment, I hope my secret is safe with you, dear diary

The Demon Hybrid

                                                                Chapter 8 (Hunter's pov) I carried her to the river with her arms and ...